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Cloud9's next-generation software helps modern businesses collaborate and plan to thrive in today's evolving economic environment.

Twelve weeks to planning success


We quickly learn about your business objectives and identify the pain points, silos, and inefficiencies that we address in our design.


Our workflow architects engineer the ideal solution for your business.

Implementation & training

We integrate your new software into your existing systems and show your teams how to take planning to the next level.


As your business grows and your teams develop a discipline around planning, we make sure Cloud9 is working exactly the way you need it to.


Us vs. Them


Low Investment

High Investment

Short Time to Value

Long Time to Value

Flexible Design by Use Case

Rigid Framework for General Use

Accessible in Your Browser

Requires Software Installation

Measure Your Planning Discipline

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Applications of Cloud9 Software


Common Planning Questions

Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Communications/Marketing

Cloud9 ingests many data sources: numeric, string, and image data to name a few.  We encourage the use of historical fact data, forecasted data, budget data, and even old plan data to seed your new plans and compare values across time.  Don’t have any of these?  Cloud9 can help you derive these assets!

The Cloud9 team of experts takes you through discovery of business processes, design of planning metrics and views, implementation with your data, training your users and administrators, and optimization of your workflows in a matter of 12 weeks.

Cloud9 allows users to create their own local planning metrics and views or modify global views used by all teams.  We’re only a phone call away if you need assistance! 

Cloud9 has four roles available to be assigned to each user.  Each role has access to appropriate data and screens within the application.  Additionally, row level read or write access can be granted by product and location hierarchies.

Yes, plans can be saved as local copies and edited independently from the original.  These plans can be compared side by side at any time.

Yes, every plan has a status of Working, Published, Locked, or Archived.  These statuses control the edit access by role type and updating of data or calculations

Our Mission

Helping organizations achieve business agility

At Cloud9, our mission is to improve the lives of those who plan for their organizations. We achieve this by delivering software and analytics that are clever, efficient, modern, and flexible.